Nintendo Announces First Set of WiiWare titles, Updates Wii


Both first and third party titles have been announced for the launch of Nintendo’s downloadable games service when it goes live in March… at least in Japan.

Fan favorites include an update to Dr. Mario (where has this series been?), a Pokemon title linked to Diamond and Pearl, a new chapter in the classic shooter series Star Soldier, and a Final Fantasy Chronicles spin-off. The DS titled Magnetica, a mildly altered Zuma knock-off, will also be getting a sequel via the service.

Not announced were pricing details or how these games will be stored given the limited space internally. After all, surely you’re almost full with the illogically priced Virtual Console games, game saves, and Channels you never used past their launch date, right?

Also, your Wii should be flashing blue with the latest hardware update, 3.1. This includes added keyboard support making browsing far easier, and not surprisingly, a slightly altered browser. The latter can be downloaded via the Shop Channel along with a new Everybody Votes Channel, with yet again, keyboard support.