Halo 3 – Multiplayer Lucky Shot

A Halo 3 video has been making its way around the net showing off one of the luckiest shots I have ever seen in just about any multiplayer FPS to date. Checkout the video below:

Try to find one Halo 3 video better than this. You won’t. Whether by sheer luck, proper alignment of moon and the stars, or staging, this is the greatest grenade launch the game has ever seen.

Performed on the fun stage The Pit, the air vent is used in a logical way (as you can also do with man cannons and such) to pop a player half way across the map. From the player:

I BlackShadowMist pull off one of the luckiest sticks in Halo 3 history, which boils down to total insanity. A Cross-Map, off wall, air lift, sticky. With 99.999% of luck involved. Cannot reattempt and succeed.

Nice work…but this only sets the bar higher for the next video BlackShadowMist.