Halo 3 Updates

You won’t be prompted for any update, but Bungie has added much needed features to the insanely popular, ”$300 million in Bill Gates pockets” FPS Halo 3. Thankfully, the annoyance of the constantly appearing “Shotty/Snipers” in ranked play has been toned down and in an obvious move from there, it will no longer appear after being vetoed.

Other changes include 16 player Big Team Battles and more Slayer in Lone Wolf. Seriously though, the best change in all of this is the lessened screams of 12 year olds screaming “Veto! Veto! Veto!” every time Shotty/Snipers comes up. Consider it an added after effect.

Here’s a bonus link: The guys at Team Milestone have aggregated instructions on how to score the elusive Recon Armor in Halo 3. Check it out.