Checking out the competition

The web is clearly the best resource for finding information about your favorite video games. Whether it is cheat codes, strategy guides, file downloads, or just the latest breaking news – most turn to the web. With that in mind I thought it was necessary to take a look at some of the biggest gaming resources out there.

I like to think of Multiplayer Games as a resource for gamers that is standing on the shoulders of giants including some of the sites I will look at throughout this column. I believe it is always important to be aware of your competition but also show them the respect them deserve.

With that in mind the first set of blogs I looked at were from the ever growing WebLogs Network now owned by AOL.

They include the following sites:

While I will not go into details about every site as I feel they have their own resources available to you to figure out their main content (if it is not obvious already), I will say that I enjoy these sites. Always on top of the latest news they provide an in depth look at each of the topics covered.

One of the ways in which we differentiate ourselves from each of these niche gaming columns is having everything involving online gaming aggregated together in one place. The best part about a single portal is that all your gaming information needs can be met in one place. I hope we can learn from the best practices of these sites and continue to share information between us. They have built up an amazing gaming audience by delivering quality gaming content.

The bar has been set high to become a force in onling game blogging – but we are up to the challenge. If you feel like talking back or interested in joining a gaming blog network For Gamers By Gamers Contact Us today.