Don’t Forget the Classics

Do you remember the days of constantly blowing and cleaning out every game cartridge about thirty times before actually getting to play the game? The frustration of your favorite games giving you problems, no matter how well you took care of them? Fortunately for many of you, the answer may be “no”.

However, many of the top gamers out there did get their start on the old systems such as Nintendo. Whether or not you remember those old games and wish you could get the old system up and running, or you were never able to experience them, the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live! have produced the best solution.

You may have noticed the lists of games and demos in the Xbox Live! dashboard. Do not forget to checkout the classic games. It is an amazing experience to download a game and within minutes, be playing your favorite old game without the flaws of the original system. Even better, most of these games come with multiplayer capabilities! If you think you are the only one that loved Street Fighter II, you will find how wrong you are on Xbox Live!

There is hours of fun packed in to the classics like SF II when you can challenge the best from around the world, right in your own living room. The list continues to expand as they add more and more games. In these times, with the ever expanding and developing high graphic online games, don’t forget to visit your roots. The challenge is endless while you play the masters of the old. See for yourself, and download your favorite. This list includes the original Doom, which was one of the first 3-D multiplayer games. No more dialing up to your friends phone through a DOS-Prompt with slow connections and many errors.

If you are over age 24, you may know what we are talking about. Otherwise, you should be getting online and seeing what has led us to the Halo 3 era.