All Good Things Come in Three?

Well, this definitely isn’t always true. However, 2007 is the year of the shooter games. Every gamer anticipated the release of Halo 3 for months, if not longer, but the excitement do not end there. One could criticize the product release tactics of the Epic Games, but where they lack in the strategy of marketing, the may make up for with the performance of the soon-to-be-released Unreal Tournament 3.

Let’s start with the downside of this release…

The release of this game is currently set for November 2007. This is only less than two months after Halo 3. The problem is that everybody knows about Halo and the pre-release preparation was carefully planned and executed. It would be hard to imagine that gamers will lose interest in Halo within the first couple months. It is true that the holiday season approaches, and this may help the Unreal situation. One can only hope that gamers out there will not overlook the great new Unreal Tournament. It is hard to say if one is better than the other, especially, before the release. The gaming differences may just be based on personal preferences. Either way, both games are new and enhanced then their previous versions.

The previews for the game look pretty impressive. The single-player game play appears to resemble more of the Gears of War game, rather than the other versions that involved more of a futuristic game of hunting and killing each other. The multiplayer game always has been, by far, the reason to play Unreal. The game has the usual capture the flag, with some new twists. There are large maps with vehicles to make the capture the flag adventure slightly more challenging. Though, they may have a different name for it, a new vehicle on UT3 is the “Hoverboard”. Yes, it is much like the Back to the Future 2 Hoverboard. You can even attach to other vehicles and ride along. In addition to the Hoverboard, there are many vehicles and weapons to add to some exciting game play.

As stated before, at this point there is no way to determine whether Halo 3 or Unreal Tournament 3 will be the better game. Most likely, both games will have their preferred players. Hopefully, the later release and less exposure of UT3 will not affect the success of the game. Even if your alliances stand with Halo 3, it would be wise to give Unreal Tournament a fair chance. Otherwise, you may find yourself missing out on one of the best games of the year.