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While incomplete, this little YouTube video tracks gaming consoles over time. It’s older so you’ll see the Revolution instead of the Wii, but it’s a nice introduction to the industries history. When you’re done, make sure to read up on some of the hardware that’s missed like the, 3DO, CD32, TurboGrafx, Microvision, Vectrex, and 32X (amongst others).


Dayton Daily News (Dayton, OH) August 9, 2003 | Meredith Moss Academic accoutrements today are as varied as the students who buy them ‘Even though my father owned a drug store, we were never allowed to have the giant box of crayons,” lamented a friend last week, who is now in her 60s.

It just goes to show you that our memories of shopping for school supplies can last a lifetime.

If you’ve walked down the back-to-school aisles of a discount store or mass merchandiser in recent weeks, you’ll know that today’s kids will have more complicated memories than their parents or grandparents – there are thousands of items on the shelves.

“It’s an exciting process for kids, and there are lots of choices today, everything from different color pens to notebooks with their favorite cartoon characters on them,” says Aimee Sands, spokeswoman for Target. “There are lots of ways to personalize school supplies.” And while the tried-and-true items are always popular – and usually required – there are many new products to try. here power supply calculator

“We’re seeing lots of new writing tools this year,” says Sands. “Fun pens and pencils with new shapes and designs, and a lot of new erasers.” Choosing a notebook or folder is a major decision. MeadWestvaco’s latest licensing includes both a Lizzie McGuire and a CosmoGirl line, designed for tweener girls ages 8 to 14. They’re in addition, of course, to classic options such as Garfield, Winnie the Pooh, Power Rangers and Disney princesses.

It’s not just our fast food that’s being supersized these days. Folks at MeadWestvaco have learned that students want more storage space when it comes to their school supplies. go to website power supply calculator

As a result, Mead’s Nike line for 2003 includes two super-sized 2- inch binders. One offers six-pocket expansion files with cloth gussets, a zipper pouch and pen loops, the other incorporates a pocket that can accommodate cell phone or pager. They’re priced from $17.99 to $19.99.

Some of Mead’s brand new products for younger children are really neat:

* The Raised Rule Learn to Write (and Learn to Letter) pad ($2.99) that helps kids stay inside the lines. They can actually feel the raised lines as they write.

* Draw ‘n Display Paper is self-sticking – like a large sticky note. The drawing paper ($5.99) eliminates the need for tape or tacks and can be attached to most walls and appliances.

* Two-color paper is an alternative to construction paper ($3.99). Each sheet has a different color on front and back. It’s great for paper chains, cards, fans and hats.

* The Silly Scissors kit comes with three pair of edging scissors for cutting zig-zags, scallops and straight lines ($13.99). The product also comes with pre-printed designs and an activity pad. This is a neat product for travel, and everything comes in a zipper case.

For older students, the Five Star/Texas Instruments Math Notebook ($7.60) works in conjunction with the TI-83 Plus handheld and incorporates all kinds of scientific calculator reference information as well as a plastic ruler and protractor.

Save a couple of dollars for a just-for-fun item. Here are a few to consider, prices quoted are from Target:

* The flexi shock pen looks like a spring and can be bent and shaped ($1.99).

* A 24-pack of stick pens – each a different color – come packaged in a round metallic container ($1.99).

* A five-pack of mini stackable different color highlighters ($1.99).

* The fighting frog pen has two little frogs on top that fight when you pull a lever and light up when you write (two for $1.99).

FIRST OF THREE PARTS * TODAY: The coolest new school supplies and accessories * SUNDAY: Fashionable attire for class * MONDAY : Gadgets for your room and school locker.

Meredith Moss