New Soldier of Fortune Coming this November

Normally, I would avoid writing articles about such similar topics so often, but I cannot resist this time. Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix is an awesome game. The multiplayer on PC has been unmatched by other shooter games. This game has brought endless hours of addiction on, even while newer games continue to be released.

My love for this game may have come from circumstance. Besides jumping on a few friends’ computers a couple times, I didn’t really play SOFII until the price drops. With my impeccable shopping skills, I became proud owner of this game for around $20. Man, did I get my money’s worth.

Soldier of Fortune II is a World War II setting game. You are able to choose from a selection of guns from the time period. The selection is not vast, but quantity is not always the key with weaponry. In multiplayer, I was able to rotate between a few guns, for diversity, and not get caught up with 50 guns that I would never use anyway.

The graphics may seem like nothing to today’s games. However, for the time, it was amazing. Good enough, that I would still get on a play today, and if you knew me, you would know that I have a hard time playing a game if I know there is a better one out there. These graphics had realistic characters and uniforms, and the scenery was bad. Aside from some coloring and shading issues, I would say the graphics were great. Not to mention the ability to shoot of limbs! I will never forget running through the game and having a person jump in front of me from around the corner. Just in time, I shot my shotgun; blowing off his legs and causing him to do a 180 flip to the ground. You can’t get that kind action if you plan it!

I loved this game for more reasons than I know, myself. You could run, jump, crouch, lean, all with ease. The accuracy may not be up with a Ghost Recon or others, but the ability to move quickly allows for a very action packed, fast-paced, shooter. The meant that I could run and jump around, dodging and shooting, and then respawn quickly to get my revenge. Add the ability to jump to secret ledges and amazing headshots with squirting blood, and I would say this is a haven to the gamers.

I choose good games on different levels. SOFII players may not have planned tactical strategies for each round like on SOCOM, or like games. It did, however, have everything that a game needed be absolutely addictive and entertaining.

The only reason I could ever see someone not enjoying this game as much as me, is if they weren’t any good at it. Of course, I have had plenty of friends that were not good, but still had the same love that I did. They did tend to get frustrated, as I would rub in my victory with a consistent score that was double the second place player.

Now, this long preaching is not intended to send my fellow gamers out and pick up SOFII from the used bins. Though, if you do, I know that there are still hundreds of servers still up and running. What this has been is a long introduction to the all NEW Soldier of Fortune. Scheduled to release in time for Christmas (so, November), you can bet how I will be spending my holiday morning. I just hope that I will enjoy the controls for Xbox 360 as much as I liked them with a keyboard. No matter what, we can assume that this game will gives us everything that I loved about the previous version and boast it with our new technology.