EA Wants Standardized Hardware, World Misses Irony

By gamereviewgod

EA’s Head of International Publishing Gerhard Florin stated in an interview with BBC that “We want an open, standard platform which is much easier than having five which are not compatible.”

Ironic coming from someone inside a company founded by Trip Hawkins, the same man who tried this back in the early/mid ‘90s. Hawkins was the mind behind the 3DO, a console with standardized hardware which any manufacturer could take and make their own version. Ahead of its time, the system failed due to its absurdly high price.

Stranger still, EA makes a ton off of multi platform releases. Madden appears on the PSP, DS, PS3, 360, mobile phones, PS2, Wii, Xbox, and PC. That’s a lot of consumers, though admittedly a lot of coding too. Think of Madden on a single platform, unified online multi-player, and everyone on equal ground. Interesting concept, but the market doesn’t see to have any problem handling itself now, and EA is doing a fine job or reaping profits off the current model.

That said, imagine a world where fanboys argue over which model of this standardized hardware is the best as opposed to the Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Nintendo conflict we have now.