Halo 3 – Rocket Deflection

With Halo 3, Bungie has ensured every Halo fan will be sufficiently entertained for the remainder of the hardware generation. Sure, there’s a single player campaign with variable difficulty, a full featured multiplayer mode, and plenty of achievements to hunt, but the ingenious Saved Film feature will keep us all playing Halo 3 until, well… forever. And when we’re not playing Halo 3, we’ll be looking at Halo 3 pictures and watching Halo 3 movies online.

The game’s physics alone will yield a wealth of crazy content. Take this video for example, and be sure to keep a close eye on the SPANKR missile:

And to think, Bungie’s simple decision to take a standard RTS replay feature and apply it to a wildly popular FPS was almost lost during development. Bungie.net lead web developer, Chris Gossett, overheard someone (presumably higher up the economic food chain) say “no one will use screen shots, cut it.” Something tells me every major FPS release for the next few years will include something similar to Halo 3’s Saved Films. Even Super Smash Bros. Brawl will include the ability to save and share replays up to three minutes long.