Enlist Today and Take to the Skies

Looking for a good fighter jet game? Well, Ace Combat 6 has the great detail and planes you may have been looking for. Flight simulators have come a long way since Top Gun from Nintendo. This newest flight sim does top the rest. With this great detail and the ability to keep a solid frame rate, Ace Combat 6 makes for a very intriguing fight.
Tornado GR.4

The detail is rendered from photos giving it a very realistic feel. Put this into the multiplayer mode and here you have battles with up to 16 other fighter jets. The list of planes is larger than most other flight games giving you enough options to keep busy for a while. It has also been reported that it has been downloaded over a million times.

There are three multiplayer modes, Battle Royale, Team Battle, and Siege Battle. The first, Battle Royale, is a free-for-all. Get 16 players to go every man for him-self in a very intense fight. Team Battle is set up in two teams. Each team earns points based on the planes they shoot down. Siege Battle is a offensive-defensive game. One team would be defending their ground and the other is attacking.

On top of it all, Xbox 360 has released a set of throttle controllers for more realistic play. So, go ahead and pick yourself up a new controller and the game and get out there and play. This game is great when you have played yourself dry with first-person shooters and sports games.