Gears of War PC Achievements Available

Gears of War

The hype is still brewing about the hugely popular Xbox 360 titles making its way to the PC. Epic has stated new levels, and even a new boss fight. Since this is a Games for Windows title, that means Achievements will be tagging along. The super-reliable has posted the list for this Windows release. For comparison, here’s the list from the 360 edition.

When you’re done memorizing that, here’s the PC list.

Notice anything? You’re right, they’re exactly the same except for a secret one on the bottom. This just screams lazy. Handing out points for beating each level is fine, but to keep the rest of the list the same is inexcusable. The 360 version was massively popular, and still ranks amongst the most played titles on the hardware. For those who want to experience the new content and gain the Achievements, does Epic really think these people want to dish out another 10,000 kills in ranked multi-player?