Unlock Xbox Betas Live

Xbox Live Contest

It’s been a while, but this nifty little contest from Microsoft and Doritos has finally went into a beta phase. Five winners had their game design ideas selected to become full on Xbox Live Arcade games. A fun series of documentaries has been on the Live Marketplace for weeks (and can be viewed on the contests website). This is significant because you can now play these games, voting on the one you like to make it onto the Arcade later on down the road.

Now, these games are early, but there’s some questionable calls. For the dodgeball game, they spent some time rendering an opening video, but added almost no animation or physics into the main game. To judge that and imagine it as a finished product, well, that’s not easy. It could end up a classic, but how are gamers supposed to gauge this based on these meager Flash-based presentations?

They also spent time adding achievements, options, and even a currently locked multi-player option. The core gameplay desperately needed to be the focus here. Betas or not, these are not the way first impressions should be.