Is Gaming A Sport?

This question has plagued many a gamer for some time. Should gaming be considered a sport? Well first we have to define what a sport actually is. Should Multiplayer Gaming be considered a sport? I mean, there is a distinct difference playing with yourself and playing with others, right? This debate will unquestionably go on for some time, but with the recent resurgence of gaming competitions and some of the largest gaming purses up for grabs in 2007 maybe it is high time gaming is redesignated.

TheCGS has a great write up analyzing this question.

Major League Gaming also takes a look at this question.

As recently as 2006 there was a push to try to make “gaming” part of the Olympics.

Where will all this lead? Who knows. I for one see the face of gaming changing in the next few years. Many of the old school gamers are now in adulthood, and we see more adults playing casual games and online games than ever before. With the recent bandwidth increases in the United States and across the world gaming is becoming better and easier. I believe that we will see competitive gaming at a national level sometime within the next decade. I do not think gamin will make it into the Olympics anytime soon though.

What do you think? Is gaming a sport?