Unleash Your Fury For Free

fury mmorpg pvpFury is a new type of MMORPG with no grinding or questing, just PvP. Auron Games is so confident they’ve got a hit on their hands, they want you to play Fury for free for the next 10 days and take the new post-beta improvements for a spin. Fury has been live for about a month now, but the game has already seen considerable improvement since the end of the beta. Besides a wealth of bug fixes and optimizations, the game now runs significantly better across all systems, especially on older machines. Additionally, tweaks to the matchmaking system and more newbie-friendly assistance from the onset should make getting into the game much easier.

If you haven’t tried out this deathmatch MMO yet, now would be the time to do it. MMOs almost always undergo significant changes between beta and launch, and it’s nice to see a developer giving the gamming community a chance to experience their improvements, even if they’re just fishing for new subscribers. Still, virtually crushing the heads of your fellow man is great fun, especially when it’s free.