New America’s Army Game Not Looking Promising

America's Army

The original America’s Army game for PC and Mac was pretty cool. It was hard and realistic. However, something seemed different on the new game. I only played the demo that you can download from Xbox Live. It may not be the greatest way to judge a game, but if you don’t like the demo, how can the real game be good.

In just the first game I played, it did not seem to play very good. The controls seem awkward. This could also be from another bias. I enjoy fast paced first-person shooters. Even though I thought it would be cool that AA’s demo is a multiplayer mode, the demo for the new Medal of Honor was awesome and it was just single player mode. Based on the two experiences, I would expect Medal of Honor to be a much better game than the new America’s Army.

A demo game should be a good representation of the actual game. Why would a company release a demo that did not give you a reason to buy it? Check the demo out for yourself in the Marketplace. From my overview, I will give this game one last chance by renting it before I ever try to buy it.