Microsoft Announces New Marketplace Products

Microsoft has released their new objectives to release the original Xbox games as downloadable content in the Marketplace. According to, the games will not have achievement points; rather, the games will be emulations that play exactly like they did on Xbox. This makes for nothing special to announce.
Xbox Live Marketplace
Most the good Xbox games are compatible with the 360. So, if you really wanted to play them still, you probably still own an actual copy. Most of us are probably running out of too much space to hold these games. For $15 a pop it may be cheaper and easier to just get a hard copy of the game.

It would be advised that you save your Marketplace credits for the games that are real classics. These “contemporary” classic games are nothing too special. Without adding achievement points, levels, or other features, it just seems like a pointless “feature” for the Xbox Live community.
Classic Games