Halo 3 “Heroic” Map Pack Coming Dec. 11th

High Ground
Halo 3 fans can land themselves three additional maps in early December for $10. The Heroic Map Pack (as opposed to the “evil bastard” map pack apparently) will feature Standoff, Rat’s Nest, and Foundry. The latter is supposed to be a Forge fanatics dream, so if you’re not likely to edit maps and customize stuff, this is only a two map release.

Last year, Epic launched four maps for Gears of War for the same price. Fans were angry. If the announcement post by Major Nelson is any indication, Bungie followers are not exactly thrilled either. In unedited form, here’s a wonderful comment from an obviously irritated user:

nice…a 60$ becomes 70$ and a 120 game Just became 130$….FU M$ quit FUBARing the player base

Word. Nice use of random capitals, and check out the form on the dollar signs. Brilliant!

It’s important to note that the the announcement also makes note these maps will be free in the spring. Is there any reason to complain then?