Is Xbox Live Becoming a Better Place to Play?


When I boot up Xbox Live, it’s generally to game with people I know. Lately, it’s been Halo 3, teaming up with buddies for ranked team deathmatch and team doubles.

Something has been missing from the experience though; something that makes Xbox Live what it has been known for five years now: the idiots.

After multiple weeks of play, we have yet to encounter a team killer, most people have been polite, and even after slaughtering someone else (or being slaughtered), fellow gamers seem to have increased their politeness level +10.

That’s not to say it’s been problem free. There have been times where we’ve encountered the racist moron (with the brilliant comeback, “It’s okay guys, I’m black”) and the “That was so gay” geniuses who are barely into their teens.

These encounters have been incredibly brief and rare, certainly way down from the days of Halo 2, or even at the launch of the 360 with games like Perfect Dark Zero.

It’s hard to tell what it is, but consider this an extended thanks to those inside Microsoft working to eliminate those who only pay $50 a year to annoy others. Either they’re doing their job, or people have become nicer, and if it’s the latter, the apocalypse must be upon us.