New Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Announced

UbiSoft announced plans to release Rainbow Six Vegas 2 this coming March. For those of you that played the first Vegas game, you are probably very excited. The game had everything a first-person shooter lover would want. Though, newer games have caused the multiplayer match ups to become less satisfying, it only goes to show that it is time to hit the charts with a new and even more impressive game.

RBS Vegas had an amazing AI engine for being two years old now. As a gamer that tends to beat games well before they are due back at the video store, I can honestly say that Rainbow Six Vegas gave me a run for my money when set to the realistic difficulty. Obviously, the game had its points that became frustrating because of glitches, but compared to the other games released at the same time period, there is no doubt that it deserved the awards it received.

Now, when we look at newer Tom Clancy games, such as Ghost Recon 2, one can only wait with excitement to see how they make the new Vegas 2 better than the rest. Based on comments from the president of UbiSoft, it is apparent that the developers aim to make this new game innovative with supreme new graphics and action. Expect this game to raise the bar for First-Person Shooter games.

Screenshot for Rainbow Six Vegas 2