The Most Realistic Multiplayer Game on the Planet

Well, it isn’t just a game. It is a social network, a market place, a world, and a life! Your Second Life, to be exact. If you think Myspace is addictive. You should check out the possibilities with the 3D world of Second Life.
Join Second Life!!Join Second Life!!
You are able to create and customize many parts of your own character. You can walk, fly, and transport through a virtual world of other people and places. It even has its own currency.

This may be the future of web surfing. In Second Life, you could link to websites or even better yet, turn your website into a 3D building. Many companies are turning to the ability to hold company conferences, tutorials, training, and much more, right in the Second Life environment.

Be sure to check it out and don’t be last one to become a part of it. In the past year, this technology has really boomed. Developers are adding games, classifieds, activities, and other events everyday. Keep an eye out for me and I’ll help show you around. Look for me as DjE Bissell.