Like Crysis? You Can’t Play Multiplayer

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Crytek has contacted Crysis community fansite inCrysis to let them know that

…We are aware of the currently occurring issues regarding playing Crysis Multiplayer online. We are already in touch with Gamespy, EA and the world-wide server provider to resolve the problems. This topic has the highest priority for us now and we hope to come up with a solution as quickly as possible.

Crysis’ most loyal and supportive fans – the ones who played the multiplayer beta or single player demo, but waited to uninstall them until after they installed Crysis – are unable to play the graphically impressive FPS online. Thankfully, inCrysis has the details on six different workarounds, but unfortunately, none of them are very pleasant, including such hassles as re-entering your CD key and editing the Windows registry. Of course, using some superpowers on fellow gamers in the game’s beautiful environments just might be worth the trouble. Who am I kidding? Of course it is.

Still, this is a pretty obvious problem to slip past EA’s QA department. Nothing like buying a new game to find you can only play half of it, and unlike most game-crippling problems on the PC, there isn’t even a patch to fix this one.