Put On Your Tinfoil Hats: Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 In Japan

japanese xbox 360 sales chart dataThe end is nigh. The Xbox 360 actually passed the PS3 in the latest weekly Japanese sale charts, albeit barely:

Xbox360 17,673
PS3 17,434

Chalk it up to Namco’s Ace Combat 6, I guess. Both consoles are still dwarfed by the Wii, the DS, and surprisingly enough, the PSP, however. Microsoft has always fought an uphill battle in Japan; even with eastern-friendly exclusives like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, the 360 hasn’t managed to do any better than “terrible” in the land of the rising sun. Obviously, the PS3 isn’t doing much better in the once Sony-dominated market. What’s next, Call of Duty 4 outselling Halo 3?

Hit the jump for the full (and considerably saner) hardware sales data.

DSL 78,552
PSP 59,714
Wii 37,617
Xbox360 17,673
PS3 17,434
PS2 10,209
GC 155
GBM 113
DS 45


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