City of Heroes Introduces Time Travel, Yet Another Way to Save the World

Regardless of your opinion of the genre, you’ve got to give City of Heroes’ developer Cryptic Studios credit for producing something other than another fantasy or sci-fi themed MMORPG. This newest video for the game’s latest free expansion, titled Issue 11: A Stitch in Time, introduces players to Mender Silos and his time traveling super friends from a million years in the future. He’s here to save the world from a ghastly doom so you’d better listen to what he has to say. In order to save the future from itself, Silos has agreed to send players back through time to experience (or re-experience, as the case may be) some of Paragon City’s most crucial historic events. Sure, you can do the same thing in World of Warcraft using the Caverns of Time, but in City of Heroes you can do it while standing side-by-side with a Wolverine clone.

The super hero MMO has carved out quite a niche for itself, and as this video demonstrates, there’s a certain charm to City of Heroes’ unique, over-the-top celebration of super hero comics. Yes, it’s juvenile and ridiculous, but flying above the streets of a busy city, landing only to clobber a pair of muggers and save a helpless old woman is empowering. And fun, of course.

City of Heroes Issue 11 is available now.