Is Hellgate: London Bombing?

hellgate london price drop

Flagship’s freshman game has been having a rough time of it. As the Hellgate: London beta ended, the game was still filled with bugs and design issues and, like the demo itself, did little to impress many potential buyers. Then came news that subscribers were being billed multiple times and the game’s lower-than-expected review scores, some harsher than others. Now, has cut the game’s price to $34.99, barely a month after its release. The Collector’s Edition is the same price. In this thread, NeoGAF user Jibber Hack reports he bought the game at Best Buy for the reduced price.

Even with its recent 0.6 patch, the same problems that plagued the beta persist: bugs, frequent crashes, balance issues. The fact that Hellgate: London still hasn’t reached version 1.0 should be a huge warning sign to those of you still on the fence about purchasing the game. This is a game that was rushed to retail and now Flagship is trying to play catch-up. Will they manage to scrape together a worthwhile game six months down the road? Only time will tell. Hopefully there are still some people playing it when and if they finally get it right.