Capcom Pulls The Plug on Monster Hunter and Resident Evil: Outbreak

monster hunter server shut downOver at its US blog, Capcom has announced their plans to bring down the multiplayer servers for PS2 classics Monster Hunter and Resident Evil: Outbreak. Sadly, this is something we’re going to see more of going forward. Sega brought down its Gamecube Phantasy Star Online servers in March of this year and Konami already shut down its Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence servers in April. All multiplayer games die, eventually. For some, it just takes a really, really long time.

Keep in mind, however, that these latest server closures aren’t entirely Capcom’s fault. They write:

And just so you know, although these are older titles, we did want to make an effort to keep the fans happy and continue supporting online play. We’ve tried to extend the contract, move it someplace else, etc. It’s not happening. The hosting partner (who I guess remains nameless here) is just quitting the business entirely and doesn’t want to mess around with the time/money involved in porting anything. Thanks to everyone who has kept these games fun online for so many years.

So, who’s next to the proverbial chopping block?