Fury Rages Against The Dying Of The Light, Still Goes Gentle Into That Good Night

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Fury, the PvP MMO that already tried to coax potential subscribers by offering free, week-long trials, will be going completely free to play as of December 14. Free “Chosen” accounts will gain gold and essence more slowly than those with paid “Hero” accounts, but will still have access to all weapons, abilities, and game types. Auran, the Australian developer behind Fury, hopes the game will find a strong audience in China, but regardless, the failed MMO has cost the company a great deal of money. In fact, Auran announced that most of its employees would be losing their jobs as a direct result of Fury’s failure.

With Fury’s strict focus on player versus player combat, however, the game’s troubles should come as little surprise. While a purity of focus is unquestionably a good thing, sometimes a game’s focus is so narrow, it’s premise so simple, that there simply isn’t enough there to keep people entertained. In Fury’s case, it’s hard to imagine people being interested in paying a monthly fee for something that amounts to little more than a single component of other MMOs. World of Warcraft, the genre’s heavy hitter, for example, sports of wealth of soloable and group PvE content in addition to crafting and PvP. Some titles are too niche for their own good, and it’s sad to see a developer suffer so greatly for their missteps.