Xbox Live Call Out List Begins Now


Xbox Live etiquette, in a perfect world, would be common sense. However, it’s inevitable that at some point, you’re going to run into someone who decided to pay $50 a year simply to ruin your day. These people come in a variety of categories, and not all commit the same offenses.

At, we take our online matches seriously if we’re playing with people. It’s not fair to the competitive types who are trying to pull in some wins. That makes those that are out to ruin a good time even more apparent, annoying, and inexcusable.

What follows is a set of ground rules, basic guidelines to consider if you’re playing on Xbox Live. Why? If you don’t and run into us, you’ll be called out right here in a recurring feature with your Gamertag and the reasons for your inclusion on this list of “dirty” players. You’ll also instantly receive negative feedback, dropping your reputation, and hopefully some action on the part of Microsoft. Yeah, we’re like that.

These little awards are for the worst of the worst. The occasional slip up is one thing, but when you constantly batter other players with your idiocy, you’ll be the fine recipient of one of our many awards. Some people may even earn themselves multiple awards at once!

Just to note, these are people we ran into when we played. We’re sorry if some genius decided to ruin your experience, but we’re not going to blast people unless we’ve dealt with them ourselves. And no, we won’t tell you what gamertags we have either, both to prevent those from misbehaving just to see their name here or to cause someone to behave when we join.

The Rules:

1. Losing Trash Talker: Everyone enjoys taunting opponents. It’s fun, and a stress reliever. This category is for the true offenders though; those that flaunt their apparent skills even when they’re dead last. You know the type: The guy who makes one decent move and you hear about it for the rest of the match. He may even be on your own team, and after repeated requests to let it go, he continues on more annoying than ever.

2. Outside Conversator: Hardly anything is more irritating than a player carrying on a conversation with some random individual outside of the game. It’s especially tiresome when it involves yelling or arguing, disrupting team chat or causing a distraction. It’s a simple process to hit the switch and turn off your mic, or even unplug it. This is apparently too much work for some people.

3. The Team Killa: We’ve all accidentally popped a teammate in a FPS from time to time, or maybe they get in the way at the wrong time. It’s an innocent mistake, and in all honesty, can lead to some memorable moments. However, #3 is for the chronic, repeat offender. He doesn’t care that you’re in the way, or maybe he’s having a bad day. Maybe he hit the wrong search button and thought he was in standard free-for-all. Whatever the reason, he doesn’t deserve to continue playing, and we can make sure he doesn’t.

4. “That’s Gay” Guy: The term “gay” is constantly tossed around, but we’ll save this award for those who think everything everyone else does leans towards the homosexual side. They abuse the term (as if using it once wasn’t enough), and even in situations where it makes no sense, they still toss it out because it apparently makes them look cool. Not to us.

5. “You’re a *****” Guy: One of the worst of all offenders, the racists are undeniably the most annoying. Their illogical, hate filled rants are never appropriate. Yet they continue on, oblivious to the fact that no one else in the room agrees with a word they say. They incite more hate, possibly even including threats of violence. That’s not cool.

6. The Cheater: If it’s not verbal, it has to be cheating. Nothing is worse than seeing someone go up by a point or two, then finding a way to avoid losing their lead. This can be done by hiding inside a level flaw, avoiding contact entirely, or committing suicide. Of course, there are other ways not listed, but if you’re not playing fairly, you shouldn’t be allowed to play at all. This is a wide ranging rule, but will be reserved for the true game killers.

7. Walk Away: Video games are not important aspects of life, and we understand that. A crying baby, an emergency, or other life threatening occurrence are perfectly reasonable reasons to ditch the game. However, leaving your controller because you find something else interesting, need to take a bathroom break because you didn’t think of it before the match started, or even decide to start eating are all avoidable with some common sense.

8. The Singer: Xbox Live is not American Idol. Some members seem to think others want to hear them try though. This category is for those who burst into random raps, scream at an impossibly high pitch while trying to keep a beat, or begin a death metal concert on their headset. Other players are not an appropriate audience.

9. Outside Noise: If you need some other stimulant such as music while you play that’s fine. Cranking it up so loud that it comes through the headset as barely anything more than static is unacceptable. After repeated attempts, they refuse to comply and turn their equipment down. It’s not fair to say they don’t know either. When was the last time you played a game that doesn’t have an icon showing that your mic is working?

10. The Vision Camera Abuser: There are some truly unspeakable acts out there one could do with a camera and the internet. This is the category for those people who have no shame, enjoy showing off their flabby behinds (or possibly worse) or offensive objects when using the device. There are other things we haven’t thought of, but we can only hope those never happen.