Good News, Everyone: Turok Is Fun!

turok multiplayer

Evil Avatar has a great new feature up detailing some of the multiplayer features in the upcoming Turok. It sounds like they came away impressed, and that Turok is on track to be the best game in the franchise yet (which, admittedly, wouldn’t take much). They praise the control, comparing it to Halo, which is a high complement indeed, as well as the assortment of over-the-top weaponry, including a pulse rifle that doubles as a grenade launcher and an oversized bowie knife that’s perfect for eviscerating the competition.

Most interesting is the news that multiplayer matches will include AI-controlled dinosaurs in addition to the players themselves, which should help keep things interesting long after the game launches in early 2008. Personally, I have the highest of possible hopes for this game, as I’ve always been a secret fan of the Turok franchise, having slogged through most of its terrible installments. Thanks for nothing, Acclaim. This new Turok title will be hitting the PC and next generation consoles shortly and baring any complete and total disasters, should be worth checking out.