Tales of the Past III – Legendary WoW Machinima

tales of the past iiiTales of the Past III is the 90-minute World of Warcraft machinima that’s been making the Internet rounds lately. The action-packed movie follows a host of well-known Warcraft characters, including Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore, as Alliance and Horde are forced to join together to face an impossible threat. You can download the movie from Warcraftmovies.com, but if you’re allergic to the 2.3 GB filesize, they also have a streaming version available.

Tales of the Past III is obviously a labor of love for writer/director Martin Finch. The film is incredibly impressive, using a combination of skilled editing techniques and clever use of WoW as a movie making tool to produce a slick, high quality movie that goes reel-to-reel with most summer blockbusters. Clearly, the machina bar has been raised.