Figure Prints Offers Real-Life Statues of In-Game Characters

world of warcraft wow figureprint

I have a confession to make: For two years I played World of Warcraft like there wasn’t much else in the world worth doing. I have little to show for it, of course — some transactions on my bank statements, a growing sense of personal failure, and a massive collection of epic loot.

Figure Prints is a new service going live on December 11th that promises to make 3D printouts of your World of Warcraft character, gear and all. It’s an officially licensed Blizzard product, so the 4-inch statues themselves are of the highest quality. Check out the official FAQ for more information. Whether you’re still a hardcore WoW addict, or a former raider looking to remember your glory days, this looks to be the coolest (real world) World of Warcaft loot yet.

I’m seriously going to order one.