Game Designers Know Music

An ironic event recently happened to me involving music, video games, and my age. While working a side holiday job, one of my high school student employees made a comment about the song on the radio. She said, “This song is on Guitar Hero!” Of course, my reaction was, “this song is as old as the original Nintendo!” The good part is she was aware that the title of the song is “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. The bad part is that she couldn’t even tell me that Guns N’ Roses were the writers.

I understand that I am not the oldest or the youngest gamer out there, but I really like to think that there is not such a generation gap for good music. Unfortunately, there are problems with the music industry. The reason I bring all this up is because, ironically, I sat at my computer desk later that day and noticed the new game BURNOUT: Paradise.

The trailer as well as the actual game features the hit “Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses. Making me realize that the there are people out there that still have good taste in music. This news makes my day by reiterating the fact that if there is any industry that knows good music, it is the gaming industry.

EA announced the soundtrack for the new Burnout: Paradise game. It ranges in hard rock titles and even streams to classical tracks such as Mozart. Get the play list at the website here. Don’t forget to check out the trailer too:

So far, I have just been excited about the soundtrack. This only compliments a finely designed game. This is only from what I have seen second hand. I, like all of you, must wait until January 22nd to get a real glimpse at the action.