Weekly Multiplayer Releases: Week of January 1, 2008

No, you didn’t miss it. There was no multiplayer release list last week because no multiplayer games were released. In fact, no games were released. And frankly, we would have been better off had that trend continued for another week. The new year brings with it four budget PS2-to-Wii ports of years old racing games from Destineer. No Pick of the Week or Runner-Up this week; just four games you’d be better off avoiding.

Available this week:

classic british motor racingClassic British Motor Racing
Originally released in February 2006 for the PS2, the game finally arrives on the Wii this week. It features 13 cars and 6 tracks, and yes, is just as pathetically content-starved as it sounds. Still, if you really love classic British cars and have managed to remain completely uninterested the dozens of great games that hit the shelves over the last few months, this game might be worth checking out. Actually, no. Not even then.

Kawasaki 4X4 Quad BikesKawasaki 4X4 Quad Bikes
What is it about the Wii that screams “port your year old PS2 game to me!” Oh, that’s right, throngs of new console owners that don’t yet know the difference between quality titles and shovelware. Enjoy your profits while they last, publishers, consumers aren’t as stupid as you think. Right?

OffroadMonster Trux: Offroad
This game was originally released in Europe in July of 2005 for the PS2. It is two and a half years old. You should only buy this for one of two reasons: (1) You’re extreme “enuff” to handle “trux” or (2) you want publishers to keep saturating store shelves with this garbage, inching out worthwhile labors of love in favor of cheaply developed cashcows.

Rig Racer 2Rig Racer 2
Wait, hold on. Enough people bought the first Rig Racer to justify a sequel? Hold me. It’s getting dark.