Shovelware, uh, Shovels Onto Wii

wiigamesnewyear.jpgSix games this week will hit the Wii, each a Gamestop exclusive. If you needed further proof the Wii is becoming home to cheap, quick, sloppy junk, here it is. Four of them are racing games, and it’s guaranteed these will use the same engine. Developer Mud Duck uses the same strategy, though they typically hold off on releases like this until after the hardware has seen its glory days.

In this case, the Wii is in full effect, and games like this are purely exploitative. There’s no excuse for games like these, even at their budget minded price. Bold Games, the developer responsible for this mass of releases, has given us such “classics” as John Deer licensed PC titles, and the decent Red Orchestra. How they ended up with Monster Trux (much cooler because of the X apparently) is unknown.