Top Xbox Live Games of 2007


The mystery is over. The most played Xbox Live game of the year has been revealed. What could it be?

Oh, it’s Halo 3?

Okay, that’s not much of a surprise. Following that up is a slight surprise, Gears of War. A year after it’s release, Epic’s 3rd person shooter is kicking… err, shooting. Had Call of Duty 4 come out sooner, it probably wouldn’t have been a surprise to see it take down Gears, but it slips into its third place spot nicely. More surprisingly, Call of Duty 3 comes in at number five, as some people obviously haven’t soured on World War II.

Major Nelson also lists the cream of the sales crop for the Live Arcade, and top title is Konami’s Ninja Turtles Arcade. This leads one to wonder why they can’t work with EA to snag the rights to the Simpsons and release that classic brawler as well. This list is a nice mix of original and retro titles, proving cheap addictive original titles have large appeal.

You can read the full list here.