Ron Paul Supporters March in Warcraft


Certainly not an everyday happening, loads of World of Warcraft players banded together to march in support of their favorite political candidate. Ron Paul has a strong internet following, and this is the latest stunt pulled by his followers to draw attention to his policies.

As expected, many players taunted or even /spit on the marchers according to the excellent coverage by The march may have went smoothly, though the actual effect seems rather useless. Would you change your thoughts on a political candidate because people playing a MMO banded together in support of him? Should Blizzard even allow this given the influx of users suddenly causing lag for those just trying to play the game?

If anything, those players not marching seemed to be annoyed if message board postings and comments are any indications. In something like Second Life, these things are expected, but in World of Warcraft, they feel out of place. It’s perfectly reasonable for someone to speak their mind when they want, but if it begins to cause problems for others or disturb them, it needs to stop. The message is lost in the controversy.