Weekly Multiplayer Releases: Week of January 8, 2007

The new year gets started for real this week, with a wide selection of middle-of-the-road titles.

kingdom of fire circle of doomPick of the Week: Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
Kingdom of Fire sheds it’s pseudo-strategy, Dynasty Warriors-inspired elements and gets back to the basics: the hacking and the slashing. Circle of Doom is an honest-to-goodness action RPG complete with online multiplayer over Xbox live. Fans of the franchise will find themselves confused and disoriented and series detractors will unknowingly miss out on a title they might have enjoyed. Huzzah!

ddr disney channel Runner-Up: Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition
Nope, you read that correctly; it is neither a joke or a typo. Sure, you might not want to buy this Disney-themed version of DDR that features music from Hannah Montana and High School Musical, but rest assured that your little sister is going to be hogging your PS2 for the rest of the month playing it. If the insane sales numbers generated by previous Disney Channel titles are any indication, this game is going to keep selling for a long, long time.

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Also available this week:

jackass dsJackass The Video Game
It’s time to forget Phantom Hourglass or Contra 4; Jackass is finally available on the DS! To quote the game’s official site, “A host of multiplayer features allows you to duke it out with your cronies, and prove once and for all who is the biggest degenerate.” That’s right, according to game’s official PR bullet points, this game is designed for degenerates. The only real question, then, is are you degenerate enough to handle Jackass?

nfl tourNFL Tour
EA has renamed the NFL Street series “NFL Tour,” despite still keeping the over-the-top, wishes-it-was-NFL-Blitz tomfoolery. I guess a “tour” is more XTREME than a “street.” Seeing as EA’s stranglehold on the official NFL license has forever squashed any hope of seeing a new NFL Blitz game this generation, this is probably as close as w’re going to get. Of course, next year there’ll be a marginally better version available about this time.

sonic riders zero gravitySonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario have both found themselves in a variety of spin-off titles of dubious quality over the years. However, through it all Mario’s main series entries remain excellent while the Sonic series continues its nosedive to lower and lower levels of unplayability. What does this have to do with the quality of this latest Sonic spin-off? Just reminding you that continuing to support this once-respectable character will only lead to more pain down the line.

world championship paintballWorld Championship Paintball
THQ promises that this PS2 game is the most realistic paintball game on the market. Considering the complete lack of competition, something tells me they’re right. Online leaderboards and fully-realized multiplayer modes should keep you busy long enough to justify a purchase, depending on how much you love paintball and its realistic virtual interpretation.

yu-gi-oh gx the beginning of destinyYu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of Destiny
PS2 game?! Forget the Wii, the PS2 is clearly the leading nextgen console. The game comes packed with limited edition Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for some reason. As if Yu-Gi-Oh! die-hards need to be baited into buying this game.