Breaking: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin Is Still Awesome

advance wars days of ruinNintendo of Europe has a brand spankin’ new Advance Wars: Days of Ruin video up on their site. Don’t be confused by the “Dark Conflict” banner, however. Instead, think of it as a prime opportunity learn about video game localization. I’ll let Wikipedia do the honors.

In case you haven’t been following the upcoming DS title with the same religious fervor as the rest of us, Day of Ruin ditches the usually bright and cartoony visuals of the Advance Wars series in favor of more dark and dreary fare. The gameplay’s received a few major overhauls as well, including the introduction of several new units, including powerful CO units. Most importantly, Days of Ruin will feature online multiplayer modes and allow you to download custom maps from other players through Nintendo’s Map Center. The details are all readily available in a handy preview/interview from 1up that reveals you can store up to 50 downloaded maps at a time.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin will be available later this month and will potentially keep you glued to your DS for the rest of your life. It almost doesn’t seem fair releasing the console’s obvious Game of the Year so soon into 2008, does it?

Zagg Reports Record Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales.

Health & Beauty Close-Up December 5, 2011 Zagg Inc., a mobile device accessories company, said that it experienced record daily sales and record high traffic to its website during Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns to kick off the holiday season. go to web site cyber monday sales

In a release on November 30, the Company recorded a 94 percent increase in sales over the company’s 2010 Cyber Monday sales on

Zagg had approximately 585,000 visitors to in 24 hours, an improvement of 234 percent over the company’s previous record high. Zagg’s record high traffic to occurred during a Black Friday contest that gave away an Apple iPad every hour. Zagg recorded over 640,000 entries to its Apple iPad giveaway – a rate of almost 27,000 entries per hour or 450 per minute. Zagg had an estimated 283,000 Facebook shares during the same period, with more than three new Facebook fans every minute. cyber monday sales

“Holiday sales have always been a traditional strength for Zagg, and this is an ideal start to the 2011 holiday season,” said Robert G. Pedersen II, president and CEO of Zagg. “Zagg is a market leader in creating mobile accessories that provide protection, value and function to the latest electronics, and the sales numbers are an indication that our newest products are well received.” Zagg said that it will give away an iPad 2 every day for the holiday season, through December 31.

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