WoW Player Strives For 70 Without Killing Anything

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I once tried to level a World of Warcraft character usually only Discovery XP, experience rewarded whenever your character discovers a new location in the world. I made it to level 6 before giving up. Boingboing has a link to an interesting WoW Insider article about a much more tenacious WoW player trying to reach the levelcap with a rogue and a priest without ever killing anyone or anything. The player writes:

Both my priest and my rogue try not to hit anything, although there’s always a chance of a misclick when trying to open a quest item with mobs fighting near it. Both of them always wield a fishing rod, so any accidental hits won’t increase their weapon skills. Neither of them will do quests where they have to kill things. In battlegrounds, my rogue will throw bombs to interrupt flag captures and stun people and may even accidentally kill players low in health or nearby critters. My priest only heals, so he is actually closer in roleplaying terms. Neither will “get around” these limits by grouping and having other players do their dirty work.

“[Throwing] bombs” sounds pretty anti-pacifist to me, but it’s a great idea just the same. The strength of Blizzard’s games has always lied in the player’s ability to stretch the design to its limits. Anybody who had a Diablo 2 Smitadin or beat another player at Warcraft 3 using only a hero a lots and lots of moonwells can attest to that.

Noor is currently at level 27; just 43 more levels to go!

Big Y to offer Groupon deals?

New Haven Register (New Haven, CT) June 8, 2011 | Cara Baruzzi By Cara Baruzzi Register Business Editor Shoppers at Big Y supermarkets will soon be able to purchase vouchers for grocery product discounts via daily deal website Groupon, and have the savings electronically loaded onto their store loyalty card.

Big Y Foods Inc., marketing firm HaloEffect, and a company called Incentive Targeting, which helps retailers target shoppers based on their buying patterns — all three of which are in Massachusetts — announced Tuesday they have partnered with Groupon, the popular website that lets consumers buy various products and services at discounted prices. see here groupon sandiego

Big Y’s Groupon deals will be available to those who are members of the grocery store chain’s loyalty card program, called Big Y Express Savings Club.

The company tested its first Groupon offer Tuesday among shoppers in Springfield, Mass., where Big Y is based, and plans to expand the program. Big Y has 61 stores throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts.

In Tuesday’s test run, Springfield Big Y loyalty program members were able to purchase a Groupon for a “shellfish grill pack” including lobster tails, mussels, clams and other seafood. The package typically retails for $39.99, but the Groupon offered the deal for $24, a 40 percent discount.

Shoppers who bought the Groupon deal entered their Big Y Express Savings Club membership number on the site and the deal was electronically loaded onto the loyalty cards. Then, when they bought the item at the store, the deal was automatically credited at checkout when their loyalty card was scanned.

Big Y officials said the company is the first retailer to integrate Groupon offers into their loyalty card program.

“We anticipate that we will attract new customer interest as we explore new avenues in interactive customer marketing,” Michael D’Amour, vice president of sales and merchandising at Big Y, said in a statement.

Darren Schwartz, senior vice president of sales at Groupon, said in a statement that grocery stores are a “fantastic opportunity” that had not previously been pursued by the company. “We look forward to working with Incentive Targeting and HaloEffet to introduce the Groupon model to new partners across the grocery industry and pass on unbeatable deals to our subscribers.” Typically, a certain predetermined number of people need to purchase Groupon deals to make them valid. If not enough are sold, consumers are not charged for the purchase. see here groupon sandiego

For the Big Y deal, 10 people had to purchase it Tuesday in order to validate it, and that benchmark was reached at 5:25 a.m. Shoppers could only buy one Groupon per person, and more than 200 were purchased.

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