New Team Fortress 2 Maps, “Large Scale Modification” Coming to PC

team fortress 2 tf2 medic achievements badlands

Valve employee Robin Walker told Shacknews they hope to have two new Team Fortress 2 Maps available to PC players within the next two months, one of which is a remake of Team Fortress Classic’s “Badlands” with some added verticality. The much-hyped new Medic achievements as well as a “large scale modification to the core of the game [that will] debut in a limited fashion through the Medic first, but [will] be affecting all classes eventually” should show up before the two new maps.

The exact nature of this “large scale modification” is a big question mark at this point, as is the exact nature of the Medic achievements, which have only appeared online in their (possibly fake) German form. No word yet if any of this new content will be available on the PS3 or 360. Still, it’s nice to see a developer continue to support their product after launch, regardless of where that support ultimately does and does not end up.