Blizzard Launches BlizzCast

blizzcast sunwell plateau

Following in the footsteps of Bungie and Insomniac, Blizzard has released its first official podcast, BlizzCast. The first episode includes a conversation with Samwise Didier, Blizzard’s Art Director, as well as a sneak peak at World of Warcraft’s upcoming 2.4 patch, which will introduce the Sunwell Plateau, the game’s final, pre-Wrath of the Lich King raid instance. World of Raids has a partial transcript and some screenshots from the anticipated patch.

Jeff “Tigole” Kaplan, WoW’s Lead Designer, reveals that the Sunwell Plateau will feature loot “a tier above Tier 6,” not unlike AQ40’s loot when compared to the loot found in Blackwing Lair. Kaplan goes on to say that “we really are planning to do the itemization a lot better than we did with Ahn’Qiraj 40 so people can rest assured.” Considering AQ40’s loot table, it would be virtually impossible to do any worse.

Now that the most profitable developer in the world has their own official podcast, hopefully even more developers will follow with podcasts of their own. Those of us will long commutes will thank them.