Game Informer Reveals Resistance 2

game informer resistance 2 coverResistance: Fall of Man was unquestionably the number one reason to own a Playstation 3 at launch, and a over a year later still stands as one of the strongest titles on the console. Not one to sit idly by and see themselves outdone by up-and-comer Killzone 2, Insomniac Games has pulled out all the stops with Resistance 2. Game Informer has an exclusive cover feature on the new game, but NeoGAF user Wollan has created a forum thread detailing all the new information available in the article. Highlights include a lengthy single player campaign, an additional co-op campaign playable online with up to 8 (!) players, online multiplayer featuring dedicated servers capable of hosting 60 players, and partially randomized levels. And best of all, Insomniac promises Resistance 2 will be on store shelves before the end of 2008.

Clearly, this is going to be the PS3 FPS to beat this year, but this announcement leaves us with two questions: (1) what eldritch entity did Insomniac Games sell their collective soul to in order to become so damned adept at harnessing the power of the PS3 and (2) who do we talk to do the same?