EA Sports Falters in 2007


Are people wising up the yearly sports game strategy? Are they tired of the lack of core improvements? Is the $60 too much to ask?

It must be one of those reasons as analysts are beginning to worry about a steady decline in sales of EA Sports titles. Madden 08 sold 100,000 less copies this year than the 07 edition did. NCAA Football took a spill as well, selling measly 325,000 units. The price bottomed out rapidly too, and many stores including Toys R Us offered bargain sales to clear out inventory a short time after release.

The transition is complete from the previous generation, and at the most, players might see one more year squeezed out of the PlayStation 2 before it’s over. Fans have been avid about the quality of the next generation games, and their performance with critics has been brutal at times. The exclusive licenses the company snapped up may be backfiring if the numbers don’t take a substantial leap next year.