New Content, 1.0 Patch Coming to Hellgate: London

hellgate london patch 1 stonehengeHellgate London’s official site has information concerning the first post-release content for the game, called The Stonehenge Chronicles. The update, which will finally bring Hellgate up to version 1.0, nearly three months after its initial release, will introduce Stonehenge and a batch of new quests, areas, weapons, and monsters with it. In addition to a handful of bug fixes and more balance changes than you can shake your soggy fish and chips at, The Stonehenge Chronicles will also include the game’s first group dungeons. Of course, all of this new content will only be available to subscribers.

But really, is any one even playing Hellgate: London any more, let alone paying for it? The game was riddled with development problems, with the final version playing more like a very buggy, very underdeveloped beta than a retail release. Truthfully, Flagship Studios has made great strides towards righting the wrong of Hellgate’s early release, releasing three major patches in the the three months since its Halloween release date, but all the band-aids and duct tape in the world isn’t going to be enough to redeem this lesson in wasted potential, we’re afraid. Cut the cord, Bill Roper, and bring us The Next Big Thing.