New Weapons, Game Type Inbound To Team Fortress 2

team fortress 2 tf2 medic achievements goldrush

PC Gamer has spilled the beans about the mysterious connection between Team Fortress 2’s new medic class achievements and the mysterious “large scale modification,” and they are delicious. By earning the new medic achievements, players will unlock new weapon loadouts for everyone’s favorite healing class. For example, unlocking half of the medic’s new achievements allows you to replace the standard healing beam with the Overhealer, which doubles your target’s health but builds up Ubercharge more slowly than the standard beam, if at all. Clearly, everyone should expect to get addicted to TF2 all over again.

Valve also plans on releasing a new map, Goldrush, which will see the red and blue teams taking turns trying to escort a mining cart past the enemy’s defenses. All of this new content, along with a second new map called Badlands, should arrive on Steam a month from now. Unfortunately, there’s still no word regarding when the game’s other eight classes might see their own new achievements and unlockables or whether any of these new goodies will show up on the PS3 or 360.