Weekly Multiplayer Releases: Week of January 29, 2008

This week can only be described as disappointing, especially after last week’s unexpected lineup of excellent titles. We can’t wholly recommend a Pick of the Week or Runner-Up this week, but we’ll keep you informed just the same.

Available this week:

bomberman land wiiBomberman Land
Minigame Collection | Wii
Not even honored gaming legends are safe from publisher’s desire to transform every game in the Wii’s library into a collection of waggle-filled minigames. While the game does feature some classic 2D multiplayer Bomberman, is there really anybody left on the planet that’s interested in classic Bomberman but doesn’t yet own a copy? We didn’t think so either.

bomberman land touch! 2 boxartBomberman Land Touch! 2
Minigame Collection | DS
See above: Replace “Wii” with “DS,” Replace “waggle” with “touch screen.”

pursuit force extreme justice boxartPursuit Force: Extreme Justice
Car Combat | PSP

This sequel to last year’s action title finally includes some multplayer, including a promising cops and robbers gametype. Standard deathmatch and racing modes still apply, but the real fun of playing Extreme Justice online will certainly lie in virtually reliving a favorite childhood game with fully destructible vehicles. We full sorry for all the poor bastards stuck playing as the cops.

Dell launches disk storage array for SMBs; PowerVault MD 3000i targeted at smaller companies whose storage needs are growing but want a simple solution.

Network World September 11, 2007 | Mullins, Robert Byline: Robert Mullins Dell on Monday introduced a disk storage array that it says can meet the needs of nascent but growing small-to-midsize businesses for about $13,000.

The iSCSI-based PowerVault MD 3000i was unveiled at an event in San Francisco that was Webcast live. in our site dell coupon code

“Our goal is to simplify IT for our customers, save them money and let them do what they want with those savings,” said Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell, to a hotel ballroom full of Dell executives, customers and journalists.

Dell chose to support iSCSI, because it’s a gigabit Ethernet standard familiar to even the most novice business IT users and is less expensive than Fibre Channel. The 3000i also uses the same hard drives as in Dell’s PowerEdge servers, supports SAS or SATA hard drives and supports up to 16 redundant servers and up to 18TB of data across 45 drives.

At a news conference following the event, Darren Thomas, vice president and general manager of Dell’s storage business, told reporters that a fully configured 3000i could be delivered for about $13,000, which Dell claims is $2,000 less than the next-lowest priced competitive offering.

The product is designed for SMBs for whom direct-attached storage, in which one storage device is attached to each server, is inadequate, but an enterprise-sized storage network is too expensive and complex, Thomas said.

Without mentioning any names, Thomas said a competitor recently introduced its latest SMB storage solution but that the cost of software licenses and upgrades exceeded the cost of the hardware.

Dell customers appeared onstage to tout the new storage product.

Northern Engraving, a manufacturer of product name tags that go on everything from refrigerator doors to athletic shoes, overspent on a high-end storage array from EMC once it outgrew its original system. here dell coupon code

“We were on the verge of being too small for direct-attached storage. First we tried an EMC solution, but it was probably overkill for us. This sounds like it would be perfect for us,” said Brad Van Kirk, IT manager of the Sparta, Wis.-based Northern Engraving, with five Midwest plants and 500 to 600 users.

Dell makes its own low-end storage products but co-brands high-end storage made by EMC as Dell-EMC.

Dell’s storage business turns out to be a bit of recent good news in an otherwise difficult year for the company. According to worldwide external disk-storage hardware sales figures for the second quarter, Dell was the fastest-growing storage vendor with a 23.8% increase in revenue to $405 million, compared to the second quarter of 2006. However, Dell only holds a 9.4% share of that market, fourth place behind EMC, HP and IBM.

Dell remains under investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission after an internal investigation identified accounting irregularities in which sales figures were inflated to meet stock market earnings expectations. Dell said last month it will have to restate earnings over the last four years by as much as $150 million.

Dell lost its No. 1 position in the PC sales market in 2006 to rival HP, and Michael Dell returned to the position of CEO earlier this year after the ouster of Kevin Rollins from that job.

Michael Dell says the company will be more long-term-focused than it had been in the past, meeting the future needs of the company and its customers as well as the more immediate needs of market watchers.

“We are intending to build this idea of simplifying IT,” Dell said at the news conference. “Dell’s ability to deliver to customers resonates with those customers, and I think you’ll see us do a better job of balancing the short, medium and the long term altogether.” Mullins, Robert