Anarchy Online Introduces Tiered Pricing Scheme

anarchy online pricingFuncom’s official Anarchy Online community site has the first details on the game’s new tiered pricing scheme. The basic sci-fi MMORPG remains free from level 1-200, but players can now opt to subscribe to just Shadowlands, the game’s first expansion, for 5 USD/EUR a month before taking the plunge and subscribing to the game’s other expansions (Alien Invasion and Lost Eden) for the full 14.95 USD/EUR.

Wired’s Game|Life blog points out that this deal benefits American players the most, saying:

While this is excellent news for AO players in the United States, thanks to the relatively weak dollar, European players who pay the 5 EUR per month would actually be paying almost 50% more than their US counterparts (5 EUR = 7.25 USD).

Regardless of unfortunate European inequalities, these sort of tiered MMO pricing schemes are definitely something we’d like to see more of going forward. How about instead of just offering cheaper subscriptions that only cover specific expansions, we start seeing lower rate plans that offer casual-friendly time limits? With the MMO market continuing to grow, it would be a fantastic way to continue playing multiple games without having to work overtime.