Australian Wii Fans Dropped from WWII Multi-player


Fans in Australia waiting to take their Wii’s online and blast fellow gamers in Medal of Honor… err, Honour Heroes were stunned recently. In other countries, the game offered one of the best online experiences the console had seen to date. Up to 32 players could hop into a room in various game modes. This was also a showcase for the Wii Blaster, or as some would call it “piece of plastic that holds the controller when you’re to lazy to do so yourself.”

For those players though, purchasing the game at the same price as everyone else in the world doesn’t give you the full product. For whatever inexplicable reason, Aussie MoH buyers were robbed of one of the few online multi-player games for the Wii. EA has yet to actually give a reason for this snafu, simply stating the marketing and packing are incorrect. They did offer a full refund to any (read: all) disgruntled buyers. Either way, it’s a lame move on the part of the company to eliminate this feature for anyone.