Xbox Live Call Out List: Volume I


For a full list of offenses so you can avoid being on this list, see the roundup of rules on this post.

Gamertag: oaffmaster
Found: Call of Duty 4 Free for All

Awards: Outside Conversator, Losing Trash Talker, The Cheater

Specific Offenses: Playing with oaffmaster was like a cheap rip-off version of Borat. His non-stop Borat impression, one which wasn’t even accurate, talked about having sex with dead grandmothers when he was shot, or how he had had someones mother the previous night when he shot them. The only time he stopped was when he started talking to someone else, in a non-Borat voice, outside of the game. He quit the match with about a minute to go.

Gamertag: Useless Jarod
Found: Call of Duty 4 Team Deathmatch

Awards: The Singer, Losing Trash Talker

Specific Offenses: Constant high pitched signing during the entire match distracted the entire team from doing anything, and when the match was over, he decided to cuss out the opposing team even though we were slaughtered.

Gamertag: DEF MUD ROCK
Found: Call of Duty 4 Team Deathmatch

Awards: Outside Conversator, Walk Away

Specific Offenses: If anything, DEF has a first. During the match, DEF began to make funeral plans for someone. Really. The entire match was about the location of this dead friend, what they should wear, and what time to be there. Of course, he cared enough to occasionally check in to see if we were winning. His character never moved aside from spawning after being killed. We won, no thanks to him. Sorry for the loss, but don’t you have better things to do in this situation other than play Call of Duty?