Xbox Live Call Out List: Volume II


Xbox Live etiquette, in a perfect world, would be common sense. However, it’s inevitable that at some point, you’re going to run into someone who decided to pay $50 a year simply to ruin your day. These people come in a variety of categories, and not all commit the same offenses.

To see the full list of potential offenses, see the list. To see those who failed to follow the rules, keep reading.

Gamertag: ssweeney2007
Game: Call of Duty 4 Free 4 All
Awards: Outside Conversator, Outside Noise

Specific Offenses: ssweeney apparently though it was okay to not unplug his mic after repeated requests to do so due to feedback issues. Inane chatter was constant in the background. As if this experience couldn’t get worse, he began to ask for personal information from a younger player, including his last name.

Game: Call of Duty 4 Free 4 All
Awards: You’re a *****” Guy, The Singer, Outside Conversator

Specific Offenses: Racists rants, threats to have sex with dead mothers, starting a fight, rapping, and gleefully gloating about his behavior to someone else in his home land KOTTON on this list without question. To date, he’s easily the worst player we’ve come across. Unbelievably, he even had the audacity to offer an invite to players in the room when the game was over.

Gamertag: HT Shikaku, HT Kataki Uchiha
Game: Halo 3 Team Doubles
Awards: Losing Trash Talker, That’s Gay Guy

Specific Offenses: Congratulations to these two for being the first duo in the history of the list. Immediately after the game was over, they both began a flurry of “gay” taunts. It’s easy to be frustrated when you lose a tight game, but to resort to these tactics immediately lands you on this list. To make matters worse, the traditional “good game guys” was spoken after the match before they began their ridiculousness.